Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Game



Enjoy the new adventure of Harry Potter in Hogwarts


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In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the time of reckoning is approaching at high speed - and as the forces of the evil Lord Voldermort gather, Albert Dumbledore seeks to prepare his most powerful student, Harry Potter, for the final conflict.

Although that's not the only problem in Hogwarts, we have to remember that the students are teenagers and among the high quantity of spells, hormones are also trying to do their job.

In the game we'll enjoy the full story of the movie. We'll take the role of Harry Potter and we'll live an stunning adventure. Quidditch is very important in the game, you'll have to show off your skills with mouse and keyboard to catch the snitch and win the championship.

Duels are better than in previous versions of the game, the spells have been improved and the battles will be more interesting.

If you like Harry Potter stories, you'll be amazed when you'll play Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince, featuring really good graphics, original voices from the movie and surrounded by a very good soundtrack.

The demo includes two duels and a Quidditch match.